Best PC games for competitive team-based esports competitions

Best PC games for competitive team-based esports competitions

Players from all over the world are drawn to compete in intense and strategic multiplayer battles in competitive team based esports, which have significantly increased in popularity in recent years. To win in competitive leagues and high-stakes tournaments.

These games require teamwork, coordination, and individual skill. Here, we will examine the top PC games for team-based esports competitions.

The esports community has taken notice of these games, which range from tactical strategy titles to action-packed shooters. Players are constantly enthralled by these games’ intense competitive gameplay.

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The best PC games for competitive team-based esports competitions

The best PC games for competitive team-based esports competitions serve as the foundation of this exciting industry as the esports landscape continues to change.

Players and spectators alike are captivated by them because they provide an immersive experience that calls for skill, strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking.

These games offer an exhilarating journey into the world of team-based esports, whether you’re a competitor vying for glory or a fan seeking exhilarating entertainment.

Welcome to the world of the best PC games for competitive team-based esports competitions.

1CounterStrikeGlobal Offensive (CS:GO)

A pillar of the esports community is the renowned first-person shooter CS:GO. In objective based rounds, teams of terrorists and counter terrorists compete against one another.

Success depends on effective communication, accurate aim, and tactical decision making. One of the most well-known team-based esports games worldwide, CS:GO has a high skill ceiling, quick gameplay, and a passionate esports community.

2League of Legends (LoL)

In the MOBA game LoL, two teams of five players face off against one another in a strategic and tactical battle. To destroy the enemy base, all players must cooperate while controlling different champions with unique skills.

LoL has made a name for itself as one of the most well-known and prosperous team-based esports games thanks to its vibrant competitive scene, clear roles, and constantly changing meta.

3Dota 2

The esports scene for Dota 2, another MOBA game, is extremely competitive. To destroy the enemy’s ancients, players form teams of five and engage in combat across a large map.

Dota 2 offers a challenging and strategic experience that rewards both teamwork and individual skill thanks to its large hero roster, complex gameplay mechanics, and steep learning cure.


Overwatch is a cooperative first-person shooter that incorporates novel hero abilities, objective-based gameplay, and gameplay from other genres.

Each player assumes a specific role to achieve a different goal as a team of six players competes in action-packed matches.

Overwatch has become a well-liked option for competitive team-based esports competitions because of its diverse cast of heroes, dynamic gameplay, and focus on team synergy.

5Rainbow Six Siege

With a focus on tactical gameplay and close-quarters combat, Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter.

Intense round-based matches between teams of five take place, and winning depends on coordination, communication, and careful planning.

Rainbow Six Siege has established itself as one of the best team-based esports games due to its destructible environments, operator selection system, and emphasis on teamwork and strategy.

6Rocket League

Soccer and fast cars are combined in the unique team-based sport known as Rocket League. In a futuristic arena, three-player teams compete to score goals while outmaneuvering rivals using their cars’ acrobatic skills.

Rocket League has grown to be a popular esports game with exciting and quick-paced competitions thanks to its simple yet skillful gameplay.


A tactical team-based shooter called Valorant combines the gunplay of CS: GO with hero-based abilities. In objective-based matches, five-person teams compete against one another.

Coordination, accuracy, and the tactical application of skills are critical. Valorant has become popular in the esports world quickly thanks to its emphasis on teamwork, communication, and individual skill.


In the battle royale video game Fortnite, players compete to be the last ones standing against other teams or individuals.

Fortnite has made a name for itself as a well-known team-based esports title, offering sizable tournaments and a dedicated competitive scene thanks to its vibrant visuals, building mechanics, and dynamic gameplay.

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Benefits of playing the best PC games for competitive team-based esports competitions

1. Exciting Competitive Environment: These games offer a thrilling competitive setting where players can compare their abilities with those of players from other countries.

Esports competitions’ high-stakes culture encourages intense gameplay and pushes competitors to constantly improve and succeed.

2. Teamwork and communication are key components of team-based esports games. To accomplish goals and defeat the rival team, players must effectively collaborate, strategize, coordinate their actions, and communicate in real time.

These activities foster vital communication and teamwork abilities that are useful in many facets of life.

3. The ability to compete in these games requires players to hone a variety of skills, including mechanical mastery, strategic thinking, decision-making, adaptability, and leadership aptitudes. It is possible to advance personally by working toward mastery in these areas.

In conclusion, the exciting PC games that are available in the world of competitive team-based esports have a proven track record of being hugely popular in the market.

These games have drawn in both players and spectators, whether it be through the tactical battles of League of Legends or the strategic battles of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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